Privacy Policy

To Existing Clients:

Personal Information previously provided to our offices have been processed in terms of our Privacy Policy and will be protected in terms of POPIA.  In the event that you object to the processing of your Personal Information held by our offices, you are welcome to inform us thereof.  Should we not receive any objection, we draw the inference that you consent to our Privacy Policy.  Our Privacy Policy is also available on our website and/or upon request from our offices.

Email Disclaimer:

Please note that all emails and/or the document/s attached to emails contains personal information of relevant parties which are forwarded to you as part of the necessary business processes applicable. In using the information you are required to adhere to the relevant POPIA guidelines at all times which include the non-distribution of information to unauthorised parties.

Information contained in any e-mail and any attachments is intended for the use of the person(s) to whom it was addressed. If you are not the addressee, you may not copy, forward, disclose or deliver the message or any part of it to anyone else. If you receive an e-mail in error, please delete the mail. B&T Steel disclaims all liability for any loss, damage or expense however caused, arising from the use or reliance upon the information provided through this service.

Privacy Policy:

By electing to continue browsing our website and/or providing us with information requested herein, you consent to our Privacy Policy and to the processing and collecting of your personal information in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 and for the purposes specified in the Policy.  Our Privacy Policy will be provided to you upon request or can be obtained at our offices. For more information please Contact Us via email or phone call.