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Steel Structure Erection

Steel structure erection consists of the assembly of steel components into a frame on site and involves accurately lifting and placing components into position and connecting them together using bolting and site welding. We believe good site co-ordination ensures a smooth running project and the meeting of deadlines.

Dedicated to quality steel structure erection
That’s why we have 15 highly skilled mobile steel structure erection teams ensuring the erection of all steel structures are completed on time and according to strict B&T specifications.

Committed to safety and service
A technical team is available to assist when queries arise in the workshop or on site.
Attention to non-negotiable deliverables, including safety for everyone on site, and environmental and quality best practice, ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and without compromise.

The four main tasks of steel structure erection

  • Establishing that the foundations are prepared for safe erection to begin
  • Lifting and placing components into position with the use of cranes and sometime by jacking. Bolted connections are used to secure components in place but will not be fully tightened at this stage.
  • Aligning the structure, by ensuring that column bases are lined and level and columns are plumb.
  • Completing all the bolted connections to secure and impart rigidity to the frame.

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