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Steel Structure Design

When it comes to designing your steel structures, our strength lies in our ability to understand the needs both of our clients and future end-users. Before beginning we investigate every detail, right down to the terrain, soil type and environmental conditions your structure will be residing in and on to ensure we are able to optimise design and manufacturing costs.

Collaborative craftsmanship
We never work in isolation but always hand-in-hand with our clients and all members of the design team to ensure all projects flow smoothly from start to finish – beginning with initial site inspection and the statutory and legislative processes through to the construction and delivery phases. Our aim is always to deliver sophisticated, cost-effective, sustainable structural solutions, which meet and surpass our clients requirements and architectural aspirations for their buildings.

Innovative engineering
Our engineers combine an in-depth understanding of buildings and the behaviour of materials with modern analytical tools, including computer-aided design (CAD), structure modelling packages, building information modelling (BIM) and project planning methodologies. This enables us to deal with challenges such as difficult site conditions, complex foundations and the interface with existing infrastructure and neighbouring structures to ensure structural efficiency.

Designing today, planning for tomorrow
When we work with you to design your steel structure, our experienced team spends a substantial amount of time, prior to the commencement of your project, understanding your needs, how the building will be used, and the environmental conditions in which the structure will reside.

We also consider any services required by the building e.g. loadings both inside and out. We also advise on ventilation, insulation, door access etc. We look at the structure as a whole and we always design to optimise space and provide extensive advice on achieving the most effective building design – from the placement of doors to making the most of natural light.

While every building is unique, we offer optimised building sizes, which have been carefully developed to provide the most effective use of space versus costs. We believe in only using the best quality steel to ensure the durability and longevity of your structures.

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