Stainless steel exhaust fan on factory roof.

The importance of roof ventilators in construction

Roof ventilators are primarily used for smoke & heat extraction systems and alternatively used to properly regulate temperatures inside a building. A well-designed Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation System – SHEVS – should be able to maintain a smoke-free clear layer of at least 2,5m above the highest occupied space, thus providing escape conditions allowing the building to be safely evacuated with minimum risk of smoke inhalation, injury or death.

The ventilators are designed to fit on the slope or the ridge of any roof application. These custom-build ventilation systems will compliment any sheeting vertically or horizontally.

Rooftop ventilators are also recognised to typically extend the lifetime of a roof as well as to sufficiently reduce energy costs.

South African Building Standards SANS 10400 requires any room of which the floor area is more than 500 m2 shall be provided with
a system of mechanical or natural smoke ventilation designed in accordance with the relevant part of EN 12101;

NOTE: Cognizance should be taken of the interaction between the sprinkler system and the detection system.


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