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Standard steel structures

Standard steel structures

Size: 12m x 20m x 3,6m

Floor space: 240sqm | Bay spacing: 5m apart

Size: 15m x 30m x 4,5m

Floor space: 450sqm | Bay spacing: 5/6m apart

Size: 18m x 30m x 4,5m

Floor space: 540sqm | Bay spacing: 5m apart

Size: 20m x 30m x 4,5m

Floor space: 600sqm | Bay spacing: 5m apart

Size: 25m x 60m x 6m

Floor space: 1500sqm | Bay spacing: 5m apart

Size: 30m x 60m x 6m

Floor space: 1800sqm | Bay spacing: 5m apart


Benefits of steel

Versatile & durable

Steel is one the most versatile, durable and flexible construction materials. Steel has high tensile strength allowing for structures of various sizes, spans, and shapes to be designed and fabricated with relative ease. This includes factories, warehouses, storage facilities, aircraft hangars, shopping centers, and offices.

Value for money

Steel provides an elegant and cost-effective solution, making architects or developers’ visions a reality within budget. 

Construction speed

Time saved in construction often has a direct and positive financial consequence for building owners. However, taking shortcuts with substandard building materials can cause big problems. Steel provides a strong, reliable, fast-track solution, ready to erect/ install and detail onsite – making a fast turnaround time possible.

Aesthetic appeal

Far from being just utilitarian, steel is highly sought after by Architects and Developers for its aesthetic appeal. 


As a material that is infinitely recyclable, Steel is the ultimate construction material when it comes to sustainability.

Need a custom design?

If any of our standard steel structure sizes do not meet your requirements and you require a custom-designed structure, please contact us for a quotation based on your specifications.