MyShare Investments (1070m²)

MyShare Investments (1070mē)
MyShare Investments contracted B&T to manufacture and erect a showroom at Hartebeespoort Dam to house their Boats.

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Client testimonials

De Heus International Feed Mill Facility (2500m²)

B&T handled our project professionally and were prepared to go the extra mile for us.

(De Heus International)
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B&T Steel completed projects

The last couple of months have been an extremely productive and busy period for B&T. We have been involved in many exciting projects throughout South Africa, as well as expanding beyond our borders to include projects in Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Angola.

B&T is committed to providing the highest level of service and quality in steel structures across all industries, no matter how big or small.

B&T has provided structural steel solutions to the agricultural, property, mining and industrial sectors including structures varying from chicken houses and cattle pens to large office blocks, workshops, warehouses, factories and crane structures.


JD Group - Vanderbiljpark

JD Group

B&T Steel have just completed a new 7500 square warehouse for the JD Group in vanderbijlypark

CIM - (4650mē)

CIM Feedmill

B&T Steel have been contracted for the detailing, fabrication and erection of a Feedmill in Matola which lies 12 km to the west of the country's capital, maputo.

BME - Sierra Leone (1200mē)

Sierre Leone (Tonkolili Mine)

Bulk Mining Explosives were so impressed with B&T’s completed project in Mauritania, that they have contracted them to construct a workshop in Sierra Leone (Tonkolili Iron Ore SI Ltd) B&T Steel were involved in the design, detailing, manufacturing and erection of the workshop.

Renexcon (8550mē)


B&T Steel have fabricated and erected an Assembly Plant for the automotive industry for client Renexcon, in Rosslyn Pretoria. The detailing and design was done in-house by our very competent draughtsman. The total tonnage for this large project is expected to be in the region of 340 tons and presents a set of new challenges for B&T Steel.

Monsanto South Africa (Pty) ltd (10000mē)

Monsanto South Africa (Pty) Lmited (10000m²)

Having experienced tremendous growth over the past two years, B&T are truly honoured to have been nominated as the sub-contractor for the structural steel for a large project for Monsanto SA(Pty) Limited in Thobontle.

Uniqon - N4 Gateway (2800mē)

N4 Gateway (2800m²)

B&T Steel have been contracted to complete construction of a new liquor distribution warehouse.

Middleburg Colliery (1200mē) Erection of Workshop

Middleburg Colliery  (1200m²)  Erection of Workshop

B&T Steel have been contracted for the detailing, fabrication and erection of a workshop with a 10 ton overhead crane, at the Middleburg Colliery on behalf of C-Shell.

Toyota motor vehicle dealership (3430mē)

Toyota motor vehicle dealership

B&T were contracted by civil engineering company I-con Enterprises to fabricate and erect a new motor vehicle dealership, consisting of 3 steel structures, for Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd, in Pongola.

Ohorongo Cement Plant Project

Ohorongo Cement Plant project

German Cement producer Schwenk KG is setting up the Ohorongo Cement Plant in the North of Namibia, valued in excess of 252 billion Namibian Dollars. Forca, one of the subcontractors has appointed B&T Steel to construct the maintenance workshop for the plant.

BME (Mauritania) 800 mē


B&T are very proud to have been contracted to fabricate and erect a warehouse for raw materials used in explosives at the Tasiast Gold Mine in Mauritania,

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